Dating in Your 40’s (Well, almost!!)

Everyone knows how hard it is to date. But it’s even harder to date when your almost forty but still feel like you are in your twenties. When you’re young at heart, but stable in a career.

I have tried my best (keyword=try) in the past to only date someone in my age range, give or take a couple of years. I thought that he would have a similar type of goals and lifestyle choices as me. There has been some that were ready to move to fast to marriage, and some that were not interested in anything than one night stands. Or the lack of relatable conversations.

But as I’ve gotten older I have been less than social. Only going out in a group setting, and sticking with whom and where I was familiar with. This, I understand now, has hindered my ability to meet new people and romantic interest.  I have also realized I have less time and energy to meet people in clubs and still have functional energy at the work the next day. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to go out and “dance it out” at a club every once and awhile. But with my crazy work schedule I don’t get to shake it that often.


I have tried many ways of meeting some new friends. I have gone to a club crawl with Meetup. I have met one friend from that group. But we both have crazy schedules and it’s hard to have time to hang out. I’ve attended a couple of free classes through the site as well. But I’m either the oldest person there, or at times, the most “non- awkward”.

I’m trying to get the courage to attend a speed dating meet-up. You can see the profile pictures of the people that have confirmed. Some have not peaked my interest, and the ones that do are the host. I usually RSVP at least a week prior, then get cold feet either the day before or the day of an cancel.

I will try to bite the bullet and attempt a social meet-up and keep everyone posted.

Gym Rat

I know many people that have met their match in the gym. It may be the circulation of pheromones in the confined spaces of the gym. The glistening skin of the opposite sex trying their best to slim down, beef up or maintain. Or just the excellent and acceptable opportunity to just people watch while on the elliptical machine.

I’m always self conscious, being a plus size woman in the gym.  “Yes, I’m here to lose weight”. “Yes, I have noticed how fit you are”. “No, I’m not staring at you while you’re pressing weights. Well, maybe a little”. And the dreaded, when you do get in a good paced cardio on the elliptical machine. “Just don’t fall, just don’t fall. Not again.”

Now I make plans to go the gym when it’s less crowed. This is so I will know I don’t have to try to find another machine to occupy my time until an elliptical machine become available.

I will also post pictures of great workout outfit subscriptions I have joined.