Trip of a Lifetime- Planning

London Eye - Fear

My fear of heights is apparent. The top in the London Eye

I daydream all day while at my full-time job. I think about the beauty and freedom of just taking the time off and seeing the world. Taking in the green pastures of mystical land, wandering the street of the town that time forgot. Really taking full advantage of the wanderlust that most of us get.

The opportunity has some about to finally plan and take this long awaited vacation. I have thought and planned this trip for so long, 6-months to be exact. Every flight plan, what-if scenarios, change of course and possible weather conditions have been taken into the equation of a most productive and memorable trip ever.

I am a very frugal shopper,  not only is travel, but in my everyday  life. I research, hunt and compare until I find the best deal that does not compromise quality.  Plane tickets are no different. I scour sites like,, and sometime the best deals are on the airlines website directly. And you have to be open to taking a little longer to get to your final destination to get the best deal.  That’s not always a bad thing, I think of this as getting an extra destination checked off your list along the way.

There are many things to consider when planning on a low budget. The main challenges I have come across is ; How long will I be traveling? What can I live without for that period of time? And, how much (or how little) I can spend and still get the best out of my adventure?

Please follow me along on this crazy adventure. Hopefully we both learn something long the way.






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